p i a n o .

by goodnight lamplight

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A few piano songs I wrote while trying to figure out how to record the next electronic album. It's kind of shitty on purpose & also not at all.
I think there is something beautiful to be found underneath all the hiss & fuzz & field recordings/samples, if you look for it. There is a strong possibility that this may secretly contain some of the best songs I've ever written. Secretly.


released April 27, 2013

All songs/work by RM(Goodnight Lamplight)
Jump off the bridge is a reworking of a track from my old band Twinkle Echo.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Carol of the Field Mice
Villagers all, this frosty tide,
Let your doors swing open wide,
Though wind may follow, and snow beside,
Yet draw us in by your fire to bide;
Joy shall be yours in the morning!

Here we stand in the cold and the sleet,
Blowing fingers and stamping feet,
Come from far away you to greet—
You by the fire and we in the street—
Bidding you joy in the morning!

For ere one half of the night was gone,
Sudden a star has led us on,
Raining bliss and benison—
Bliss to-morrow and more anon,
Joy for every morning!

Goodman Joseph toiled through the snow—
Saw the star o'er a stable low;
Mary she might not further go—
Welcome thatch, and litter below!
Joy was hers in the morning!

And then they heard the angels tell
'Who were the first to cry Noel
Animals all, as it befell,
In the stable where they did dwell!
Joy shall be theirs in the morning!'
Track Name: This time I will fail better than before
Take me out & tie me down
I will wait here until you get back
Leave my food in a bowl on the floor
In the kitchen next to my bed
'cause I don't want to be by myself
But I don't want anyone else
It's some conundrum
Logically speaking I'm fucked

Can't you see that when I'm with you
I don't seem to feel so bad
I won't go as far as to say I'm happy
But I don't feel so bad
& now you are three thousand miles away
& I'm still sitting here
Writing songs for fuck knows & cares
& mostly I just exist.
Track Name: & then later when I got back home I couldn't get to sleep for a long time but just lay in the dark listening to the cars in the street below
& I was waiting outside
& you were wearing yr bright shirt
I only wanted to hold yr hand

& we went to the film
& when i wouldn't talk
you said I was being strange
& you made me feel bad

& the movie told me something
it said 'you shouldn't be sad'
'I know' I said
to the movie
'I know'.
Track Name: A song at half speed
You write poems for no one
you hardly ever speak
& you don't see no faces
Walking in yr sleep
You're so tired x2
All the time

Got a letter from yr brother
He said dad is getting worse
He said you should come visit soon
If you can get the time off work
You can even stay x2
In yr old room

You know you're at yr house
but you're sure you're not at home
You know you've never felt so
wonderfully alone
But it's still good x2
To feel something.
Track Name: You look good disheveled but I look like the devil after he'd given up on trying
Life at the party x3
Is getting old
Don't want nobody x3
Want to be alone

Take me out to yr house by the lake
& pour me a drink
Take me out to yr house by the lake
& lie me down

I don't want to be a part of this place no more
It's always the same
Why do some people have to leave
& why do I stay?
Track Name: Jump off the bridge(ver 2)
So you played a good show
but nobody cared
& nobody clapped for you
they all just sat there & stared
& you didn't get paid
Never make love
sometimes get laid
starting to think
that it's about time
you made some changes

& you can't sleep at night
So you drink & you fight
& the last bout you had
really left you with some damage
& all the faces that you worked with
said that you were looking thin
on the day that you jumped off the bridge
& resisted the urge to swim