Cassette Recordings - Vol 1

by goodnight lamplight

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Recorded on four track cassette
over two weeks of blurry sleeplessness,
empty mugs & crummy keyboards.
This is my first solo record. I love this record.


released September 22, 2012

Tracks 6 & 11 accompanied by SDJ
All other tracks & artwork by RM



all rights reserved
Track Name: For Esme
It was too cold to sleep alone
so you went out to a bar
you took a boy home
& even though he told you twice
you forgot his name, didn't you,
it always goes the same way

Kissing in the back of the black cab
the old familiar feel
of unfamiliar hands
& he said he had no money
so you paid for his fare
back to your house
your little house

Another drunken fumble under lamp light
nothing to remember
just the love of your night
you are not the girl
your mother hoped that you would be
when she was alive
she always hoped you'd get it right

you're just too scared to be alone
only seventeen
already left home
sometimes you say
you're gonna leave this town
but where would you go
where would you go

when the morning woke you
& you thought that he should leave
you noticed for the first time
the heart drawn on his sleeve
& you said, 'hey, what was your name again?'
& 'hey, do you want to get a cup of coffee with me?'
Track Name: John(BS1)
I got nothing to write home for
tell my mother
I'm sleeping on the floor
tell them that some days
the only time i eat
is from stealing from cafes

Maybe I will write them
& tell them I'm fine
maybe I will write them
& tell them lies

Tell them that everything down here
in Bristol's going well X2
Track Name: I Think I love You, or Something
I don't need you
to break my heart
I can do it on my own
if I try
all you left me
was a picture of you
your Tao Lin
your Gertrude Stein
& a stack of your magazines

& it's so hard
to find distraction
I walk around this town at night
with you on my mind
I'll be back to myself
in a couple of months
just gotta start sleeping
at the right times
the only way I'm sure
that I've been dead before
is i'm still pretty certain
that i still feel alive
Track Name: October(flu mix)
When you left I put my records in your room
but nothing sounds the same without you
singing out of tune
today has been the first day
that i realised how much I miss you

You said you & me
is like trying to bite your own teeth
& you were never coming home
Track Name: It's Gettin' Cold
Look at all the people dancing
look at all the people laughing
look at your empty glass x2

look at all the strangers smiling
look at all the strangers singing
look at the time
look in the mirror, look at your eyes

sit at the bar & drink alone
sit at the bar & talk to no one
take a look around
there's no one you know around

step outside in to the light
stranger asks you for a light
stand outside in neon light
smoke is blue in yellow light

sit on the steps & send a text
realise that you have no friends
at least not tonight
there's no one you know tonight

think of how things used to be
chain smoke, vomit, time to leave
police walk by, don't look drunk
it's getting cold put your collar up

walk around with nowhere to go
walk around anywhere but home
asking the moon for favours
asking the moon for something to do

saying 'give me anything'
'I'll take anything'
'give me anything'
'anything you've got'

sit down put your headphones on
battery's dead, keep them on
look at all the people
you don't know

lie down while the sun comes up
think about how you fucked up
think about it
think about her
think about it etc.
Track Name: Wellsbourne ave
At night you listen to The Bends
surrounded by the smoke you made from dog-ends
trying to remember
or to render
something lost

When you were young
it was all OK
to be a leth-wretch
& a waste of space
but now it's getting old
like you
yeah you're getting old

& in the morning when you get back to your flat
you tap the floorboards to let the rats know that you're back
take a lie down, but lock the door
& think anout how you don't get nothing for
nothing for nothing for...
Track Name: Uno
Maudlin-grey in morning say you'll meet me later in the day
I'm all messed up & feeling rough from coming down
& coming up & falling down & getting up
now every day seems longer than the day before it

Ran out of work then ran out of cash
ran out of town, I'm raindrops on glass
I'm on the train, I'm coming back
as tired & ectomorphic as before

Sometimes I think i'm dreaming
but there's no way to be sure
the world looks strange
it's cold & grey, there's hoarfrost on the floor
& the sky's a kind of purple that I've never seen before

Take a look around
there's no one around
but there's a half dead cigarette & it's burning on the ground
there's no one around
(underneath the stratus cloud)
there's no one around
Track Name: Livinginthelighthouse(revisited)
Tie the weight around my legs
let me down slowly
I want to feel water all around me
Track Name: Fragments
All the trees with polythene leaves
like ghosts trapped in the branches
we're dancing drunk with our headphones on
you are the taste in my mouth
you cut your hair but you never change
change your clothes but stay the same

Let's drive until we want to sleep
put in the tape
sleep on the back seat