bleep etc.

by goodnight lamplight

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Made using Lsdj with a prosounded DMG and a few other gadgets, sequencers etc.
This album took a long time to make and was a lot of fun to gig.until one of my carts exploded and I lost all the data and somehow all my backup files were corrupt too.
Back up your backup files, kids.
RIP LMPLGHT .sav files


released May 7, 2013

All work by RM
Spy Song Accompanied by SDJ



all rights reserved
Track Name: Wellsbourne Ave
At night you listen to The Bends
surrounded by the smoke you made from dog-ends
trying to remember
or to render
something lost

When you were young
it was all OK
to be a leth-wretch
& a waste of space
but now it's getting old
like you
yeah you're getting old

& in the morning when you get back to your flat
you tap the floorboards to let the rats know that you're back
take a lie down, but lock the door
& think about how you don't get nothing for
nothing for nothing for...
Track Name: Fragments
All the trees with polythene leaves
like ghosts trapped in the branches
we're dancing drunk with our headphones on
you are the taste in my mouth
you cut your hair but you never change
change your clothes but stay the same

Let's drive until we want to sleep
put in the tape
sleep on the back seat
Track Name: Spy Song
Unknowing to you
I know the things you do
You used to whisper in your sleep
& now I know everything
& you think that I'm a spy

I hope you're happy
In Camden
I hope you're happy in London town
I hope you're happy
Really hope you're happy
I hope you're happy
Without me now.
Track Name: List of Regrets
Your guess is not just a whim
When you wake up alone
& you read all the messages you sent him
You should have left the phone at home

& you start to remember
All the stupid things you said
Down in the bar in the cellar
Where six months ago you first met

You hold your head with trembling hands
You swear you'll never drink again
You know that no one understands
The ever growing list of regrets
Track Name: Esme
It was too cold to sleep alone
so you went out to a bar
& you took a boy home
& even though he told you twice
You forgot his name
Didn't you
It always goes the same way

Kissing in the back of the black cab
The old familiar feel of unfamiliar hands
& he said that he had no money
So you paid for his fare
Back to your house
Your little house

Another drunken fumble under lamplight
Nothing to remember just the love of your night
& you are not the girl that your mother
Hoped that you would be
When she was alive she always hoped you'd get it right

You're just too scared to be alone
Only seventeen, already left home
Sometimes you say that you're gonna leave this town
But where would you go
Where would you go

When the morning woke you
& you thought that he should leave
You noticed for the first time
The heart drawn on his sleeve
& you said, ''hey, what was your name again?''
& you said, ''hey, do you want to get a cup of coffee with me?''.
Track Name: You/Me
We were lying in your bed on Sunday morning
'cause we'd been out late &
I thought I could feel you move closer
But I could be wrong
I make mistakes

I can't get nothing right
I can't get nothing right

Do you remember that time that we were messing around
& kissed by mistake &
later waiting for the bus in midday

We can't get nothing right
You & me
We can't get nothing right

We saw a film on Chelsea street
& you put your arm around my seat
& I looked at you & you looked at me
But something went wrong
& you stared back at the screen again

We can't get nothing right
I wish we'd get it right.
Track Name: Untitled
You were in my dream last night
You looked OK
You seemed alright

You had only come back here
For one day
But you didn't know it
& I didn't say

We were strollin' down the old sad street
With the sun in our eyes
You were wearing that denim shirt
with your sunglasses

You looked like that photo of us two
In a bar
The one on the back where I wrote
''Let me know what it's like where you are''

Well I came to just about noon
stumbled down stairs, confused
I tried to make it make sense
But it was no use
& I don't know what it all meant
But it was nice to see you

Last month I saw your bedroom for the first time
& it was like you'd never been there.